(Deutsch) SimplenZAR MIDI Sequenzer

Since I have been building digital synthesizers most of the time lately, I needed a simple MIDI sequencer. I found it on the page http://www.roebbeling.de/wordpress/?p=85. The sequencer shown here seemed to be easy to set up and use. After I created it, I can say that it does exactly what I wanted it to do.

The construction is very simple and I use an Arduini Nano as the heart of the device. I created the board with ExpressPCB SimplenZAR.pcb:

In order not to have so much cable tangle in the box, I mounted the PCB on the back of the front panel by gluing four pairs of nuts with hot glue to the screw points. This will hold very well if you scratch the surface a little bit.

I chose a TEKO 362 as housing and I created the front panel with the free Front Panel Designer from Schaeffer. Here is the front panel as PDF file SimplenZAR-Front.pdf.