ETI 603 Sequencer

In the December issue of the magazine Elrad from 1978 there was a sequencer, which I copied and used with my MS-20 and MS-10. Unfortunately I gave it away sometime, because I had sold both synthesizers. In the meantime I remembered this easy to build sequencer and rebuilt it.

Since I don’t want to violate any rights, I have here the article of the Australian sister magazine ETI (Electronics Today International). There the sequencer is called ETI-603.pdf.

I didn’t like the original PCB and I created a new one with ExpressPCB, ETI-603.pcb:

I use a TEKO 363 case and created the front panel, with the free Front Panel Designer from Schaeffer. Here the front panel as PDF file Sequencer-Front.pdf.

The sequencer is exactly what I need and I just love it.