Unimod – A Versatile Sound-Effects Generator

I found this project in the US magazine Popular Electronics, February 1981. Here is the link to the document: Unimod-Sound-Effects-Generator.pdf.
I was interested in how this effect sounds and after finishing it, I can only say it sounds interesting.

Der Aufbau erfolgt in einem einfachen TEKO Gehäuse.

I changed the circuit board a bit, because I mounted the connectors differently, because of the case, than it was suggested.

The power supply for this effect unit is +9/-9 Volt. But I didn’t want to feed +9/-9 volts and I first tried a small circuit with a switching voltage regulator that generates +9 and -9 volts from +12 volts, but I omitted the 5 Volt part.

With ExpressPCB I have created a board for myself. One with 7805/7905, the other with LM317/LM337.

But as it is then, you sometimes find other ideas as well.

This is a much simpler circuit and absolutely sufficient. Now I only have an input voltage of 9 Volt. The ExpressPCB file, with the ICL7660S, can be downloaded heer.