String Synthesizer

This time I found something, that I always want to create: A string synthesizer. On the page and is such a synthesizer described. It works on the basis of an Arduino. I do it without a keyboard, but with MIDI. It is with an original Arduino Nano as proposed.
The control of Modulation, Ensamble and Contour is direkt processed from the Arduino. The switchable filter, with Cutoff and Resonance, is built analog.

I build it on a breadboard and with a small enclosure.

On the rear panel is a plug for 9V DC, a MIDI input jack and a 3.5mm jack plug.

I have create a layout with ExpressPCB. I also create a front panel, with the free Frontplatten Designer from Schaeffer.

As last i create a Video to show how the String Synthesizer sound like:


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    1. Danke Michael.
      Ich würde sagen es sind 8 Töne. Der code ist nicht von mir, weshalb ich auch nur auf die Originalinformation angewiesen bin:

      We can’t really use a signal for every key so we use an alogorithm for generating 8 Saw waves and distribute those among the keys played on the keyboard.
      Paraphonic means it’s kind of polyphonic but shares some parts of the soundpath.
      In this case it’s the envelope shared by all the keys played on the keyboard.

      Viele Grüße,


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