MFOS Mini 3 In Mixer and 1W Amplifier

I found a small but pretty mini mixer for synthesitzer at page Music From Outer Space. The vantages are 3 line input, 1 watt output and he needs only a 9 voltage  er wird von einer 9Volt battery.

All informationen to the project could find at page Mini-Mixer 1W Amp. The author provide a double-sided circuit board. I think, that’s a little bit oversized for such a small project. That’s why I use a breadboard instead.

For that I create a single side Layout with ExpressPCB:


What I anyway try to get, was a inverted strip plan whitch I can use to solder the backside of the breadboard. The following picture is the result:


With this I start to solder and I think, the result is impressive.:

Besstückte Platine

I create the enclosure much more smaller than the original. For this I used 8mm beech plywood:

1 piece 120 mm x 100 mm
2 piece 92 mm x 100 mm
1 piece 104 mm x 100 mm
2 piece 104 mm x 84 mm

I do not glue anithing, but it is simple screwed. This seemed to me the simplest, because I still did not know how to arrange the components, since I use a quite large loudspeaker. In the meantime, however, I would definitely glue it.

For the feets I simle use some low-cost self-sealing one:

Rutsch- und Lärmstopper

The inner has become a little bit more compact but it is small and works very well.

I also created a front panel, with the free front panel designer by Schaeffer, but did not use it so far.