ETI 603 Sequencer

In the December issue of the magazine Elrad from 1978 there was a sequencer, which I copied and used with my MS-20 and MS-10. Unfortunately I gave it away sometime, because I had sold both synthesizers. In the meantime I remembered this easy to build sequencer and rebuilt it. Since I don’t want to violate […]

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String Synthesizer

This time I found something, that I always want to create: A string synthesizer. On the page and is such a synthesizer described. It works on the basis of an Arduino. I do it without a keyboard, but with MIDI. It is with an original Arduino Nano as proposed. The control of Modulation, […]

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MeeBlip Anode Synthesizer

Some times before I found on and the clone of the Arduino Bass Synthesizer, MeeBlip Anode. It is open source and easy to build. The cost will be about € 40,- if you order the most parts at chinese suppliers via eBay inclusive the enclosure and all accessories. All parts are are located on a […]

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